Tis the Season


We lost (in our few moves) a lot of our Christmas decor... and we didn't have much.  Along with our tree the tree skirt was MIA.  It was nothing special so don't really mind.  I was determined to make a tree skirt this year and I have completely fallen in LOVE with it!  Turned out better than I thought.  How did I do it?  I bought a one dollar tree skirt from the dollar store for the base.  Then I got fabric and cut about 2 in strips and hot glued them to the cheap skirt folding the fabric every once in awhile.  My inspiration came from of course Pinterest.  I used different fabric.  To me nothing says Christmas more than plaid.  A bit outdated maybe but its coming back right?

Since I had extra fabric I made a wreath.  I got a wire hanger and bent it to a round shape.  Cut strips of fabric and tied knots.  I made it really tight together so it looked more full.  

sleepy reindeer

We decided to get more into the Holiday spirit by making a fireplace as a way for Santa to bring presents.  For the stocking we painted a tree branch and with extra fabric secured to the wall using a push pin.  Turned out way cute!  Shawn helped with the logs and fire.  He did great!

I know this Holiday season is going to fly by.  My goal is to take advantage of it all

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