Easter weekend.  Wednesday night Adisyn came into our room because she threw up.  Shawn and I stumbled out of bed to clean them up, their sheets, and the wall :/  We got them tucked back into bed and they slept fine until morning.  Adisyn didn’t seem like herself but we were going to tuff it out and go to school.  As soon as we pulled into the parking lot at school.  Adisyn threw up again.  I took them back home and Shawn stayed home with them.  I took Friday off and was looking forward to a nice long weekend.  The girls and I had a good day on Friday.  Friday night the girls came in our room once again.  Adisyn was crying because she again had vomit all over her.  Only it was Ava’s.  Shawn wasn’t sleeping well so he volunteered to give them a bath and clean them up.  I took full advantage kind of feeling bad.  I laid back in bed and within minutes was having stomach pains.  I went to the bathroom and was sick all night long!!!  Most of the weekend was spent by me trying to make the best of it although not feeling so great.  


Saturday night we colored eggs.  We all had fun!  The girls were excited and looking forward to it all day.




The girls wrote a letter to The Easter Bunny.  Ava’s (left) Adisyn’s (right)

easter eggs

Sunday we woke up earlier than the girls to hide their eggs throughout the yard.  At first I didn’t realize as I was setting the eggs down Abby was going behind me picking them up. She ate a few.  The girls woke up to see what was left for them.  They got a Dora towel, a Barbie, and some other misc. items.  Then we headed outside to find the hidden eggs.

finding eggs

We made some cupcakes and cleaned up then headed to Grandma’s House.  She went all out and it was such a great time. 






On the hunt again




Spoon races. 



DJ and Shawn playing as usual


We then headed to the other side of the family at the annual picnic in the park.  It was nice to see everyone and the weather was perfect.  I still wasn’t feeling that great so I was kind of a bump on a log.  We then headed over to Shawn’s parents and the girls rode their jeep around until the battery died.  They even rode in huge puddle and didn’t get stuck.  Off course Shawn was guiding them yelling “keep going, keep going”.  Abby even had fun running through the puddle :/

Overall it was a good weekend!

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