This year was super exciting, more so than past years, the girls actually understand the concept of Santa.

inside their tent

once we were done opening presents and I was able to get some composure after opening a very surprising gift my dear Santa.  That's right I finally got my Canon T3i.  Its a definite upgrade from my older camera.  It also has HD video.  So excited I'll be able to do more videos with HD and capture such great memories(my videos like from before will be much better quality).  Life is passing us by so quickly that pictures are great but video is amazing. I won't lie, I cried!  Shawn almost did too, it was a special moment.  We enjoyed some monkey bread or killer rolls not sure what their called but don't care!  So delicious!

Then we headed to my parents house.  minus one.  Shawn wasn't feeling well.  So just us girls went and despite not having my other half we had a great time.  

After visiting my family we stopped home and picked up Shawn to head over to Stacy and Dylan's house for dinner.  

After spending some quality time with family we headed to Shawn's parents house so girls can open yet more gifts.  They were so cute.  Ava said the CUTEST things.  When she was opening her stocking and found half a dozen of panties she kept saying "ewww"   She opened a hello kitty airplane and was so excited she blew Nana a kiss and said "thanks sugar"  They are just too funny. We had such a great Christmas and I hope you did too!

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