Keeping up with past years traditions, as its awesome, we went to Zoo Lights.  This year was a bit colder than I remember from last year.  We came prepared.  As always we all had a great time.



The girls finally got to ride that darn carousel they've had their eyes on for so long.  They Loved it!


The highlight of the girls night.  Of course driving home and switching lanes is a bit sketchy.  I usually abide by the laws but I did think I had popo lights behind me several times mistaking them for girls lights in the back seat.  Talk about heart palpitations. 

We had intended on attending my SIL 2nd annual turkey trot but 8am rolled around rather quickly and the girls were still sleeping.  Can I get a hallelujah!!  We knew that they were not going to get a nap so we let them sleep in as late as possible.  They finally rolled out of bed and we enjoyed the Macys Day Parade.  A tradition that I remember since I was a little one. 

We first stopped at Shawn’s parents. 

"the only way to cook a turkey" says Shawn
The main attraction… a little blackened but mighty delicious.  It is BBQ after all


Shawn had the great idea to face time his grandmother.  She usually says prayer and was unable to be there.  When she said “I pray for my family” with a broken up voice trying to hold back the tears.  I found myself holding back the tears.  It was especially touching, even though I am not a spiritual person, and a memory that myself and I’m sure others will never forget! 

After we indulged in some amazing grub we hung out in the backyard to enjoy the weather and each other.


okay okay a bit cheesy but I love this man of mine!  There’s always time for a smooch!

Moving right along.  It was then time to head over  to my parents house.  We each got a tour of the antique collection.  Which for most was boring but I thought it was AWESOME!  I had no idea my Step Dad had such great taste.   Anyway it was fun to spend time with them and talk to my sixteen. year. old. sister.  How fast they grow!  We were also spoiled by some sweet time with our nephew Brock and niece Abby. 


The main attraction.  Also mighty delicious but this one was deep fried instead.  Don’t knock it till you try it.


the girls had brought some napkins in their backpack and decided to give Grandma a hand.  So what they’re Halloween, he he, it’s the thought that counts.


She is sweetest cutest baby.  So well behaved!

And then there's Brock.  Still well behaved but a handful for sure. 

Wasn’t long before it was time for some much needed rest.  Tryptophan kicked in big time.
On Friday we lounged around in the morning and then met Jodi aka Jo, what the girls call her, at the zoo with her wonderful Mom Judy.  We had so much fun and unlike Zoo Lights we got to see some animals.  
lots of them. 
IMG_4898  IMG_4899 





After the zoo the four of us girls went to dinner and STUFFED our faces.  It wasn’t pretty! 

Saturday we woke up and casually got ready and then headed to the movies.  We saw Frozen.  Such a good movie.  I even enjoyed it and plan on buying me the girls the dvd.  After the movies we dominated the crowds to run some errands and then had a sleep over. 

Where was Shawn you might ask…
IMG_2297[1] IMG_2295[1]
He was in Payson with a few friends enjoying the wilderness and hunting for the bull elk they desperately wanted.  They did see some wild life but of course not what they were looking for.  Shawn sadly did not get drawn but decided to help out a buddy from HS.  They didn’t come back empty handed though! 
Oh how we missed this man of ours.  Its times away when I really realize how special he is to us and what an impact he has on our family.  I just don’t know what I/we would do without him.  When he returned home he was welcomed by lots of hugs and kisses and this…



Ava wanted to dress up for Daddy.  This what she came up with.  This girls cracks me up!

Prior to Daddy coming home.  The girls and I enjoyed a welcome back Elfy breakfast.  It was fun and the girls were so excited to see Elfy back!










we waited for Daddy to come home before tackling the gingerbread house.  Mainly because my patience was worn thin.  They are precious girls but they’re kids!  fighting, arguing, fighting, and did I mention arguing?











TaDa.  I did not tell them to hold hands.  so cute! 

It’s a good thing I got a picture of this the reminisce is now in our trash that is after Ava scrapped all the frosting off and they both polished the candy.  We had such a great four days and we still have tomorrow together!  Even though we missed Daddy like crazy we some how managed to pull off a great weekend.  We made new memories of old traditions and new traditions too!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

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