Awesome Husband.  I absolutely love my job however last week was very rough so I came home Thursday to flowers and a bottle of wine with an almond snickers bar.  He always knows how to turn my frown upside down. 

Baby fever.  Not me don’t worry Shawn.  This weekend I went to two baby showers.  One of which is my best friends sister who we babysat back in the day.  If that doesn’t make you feel old I don’t know what does.  I’m happy I was able to be apart of them and enjoy their new beginnings with them.

Mardi Gras Party.  The annual mardi party never fails to be a great time.  I only hope that when I am in my 50’s –60’s I can still party with the best of them.  Great food and Great people.

Night out. After the mardi party Shawn and I met up with some friends.  We went to Whiskey Rose and had an absolute blast!  They had a live cover band and good selection of beer.  We didn’t eat anything but I’ve heard the food is amazing!

Music in the park in Scottsdale. 


One of my best friends Jessica and I went to music in the park and enjoyed a jazz band while sipping on a bottle of wine from a red solo cup.   It was perfection.

Weekends.  This weekend especially was exactly what I needed to release my frustrations from the work week.

She said what?…  Shawn and I had kissed each other and Ava says “that’s true love!”  LOL.

Hiliarious… Ava said to Adisyn “I’m weird.”  Adisyn says “We all know that.”

Photo session.  Kelly and Kenny asked me to take pictures of Isaac for his first Birthday.  They turned out cute!  This is one of my favorites in the dug out.  He is just too cute!




Kisses from my girls.  This past week sucked, if I need to remind you again, so hugs and kisses from my angels were even more special. 

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