This year the girls started public school. How fast the day had come.  They’ve been in school now for 2 months and I’m amazed at how much they’ve learned.  They love their teacher and miss her every break they have.  She is an amazing person and I’m thankful she has been helping us transform our girls to amazing people.  The transition was difficult but she has made it easier for sure.  They have homework Monday-Thursday.  They also have sight words they need to learn.  2 months into the school year and they already have 50 words.  



Their school is walking distance but not too close.  LOVE IT!  So the first day we walked. 


Every morning the kindergartener’s meet their teacher on the line.  Each class has their own line.  The first few weeks we walked them to the line and hung out with them trying to hold back the tears.  Now… they get dropped off in the front of the school.  They are greeted by the teacher and the principal and escorted through the school gate.  We love the school!  And we love uniforms.  Getting ready is a breeze! 

Meet Moose!


Every student gets a chance to be the student of the week.  What does that mean?  First of all they get to spend the weekend with Moose.  Then they make a poster all about them and get to have a photo with Moose in the binder.  Each day of the week they do something special for the student of the week and on Friday they get to bring a toy, or whatever, for show and tell. 


Adisyn was the very first student of the week.  Above is her picture we put in the binder.  The description read she enjoyed reading to Moose.  She took her Minnie mouse that Nana bought her at Disneyland for her show and tell and talked all about their trip. 


Few weeks ago it was Ava’s turn…


Ava took Moose to the pool.  Of course he just hung out on the lawn chair but she loved it!  The pool is where we spent every weekend during the summer and we have a tan to show for it.  Ava brought a dinosaur that she got from up north. 

We just had our first parent/teacher conference.  The girls wrote us a note thanking us for going.  It was cute!  They are doing good in school but need to work on phonetics more.  They are expected already to know how to read 50 words. We are so proud of them!

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