A day full of love, kisses, hugs, hearts, and everything pink and red. Valentine's Day lately is just an excuse to take cute pictures of my kids.  So I did just that.  This year the girls were super excited for their party at school.  We made a card holder out of a pancake mix box.  They approved!  We got the girls a stuffed animal (because they don't have enough), some candy, water bottle, and a journal to draw or write in.  Shawn and I don't normally exchange gifts, which we're fine with, but I did get a few gifts but best of all was a few hours for myself and no cleaning or cooking for the entire day.  We also made yummy cupcakes to celebrate.

I came home to this on my bed.

The main event...

These are the poses of their choice

We also enjoyed some time out by the fire after Shawn and I had dinner outside by ourselves.  Loved!  I asked the girls a few questions that I have to document.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
Ava: To remember the people that died for our country. (LOL, not exactly baby girl)
Adisyn: No Ava, it's the shooting of love and this chocolate taste like heaven.

What is your favorite thing about Vday?
The candy and spending time with friends and family.  And I love hearts and the color red.

Adisyn also disclosed (after talking about school and friends for a while) that Ian said she was hot. Shawn asked what that meant and she said well he thinks I'm cute.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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