I'm sure I'll think this every month/year but I can't believe how big she is now and that she's already 6 months old!  

6 months measurements: 
Height: 26 inches- 50 percentile
Weight: 15 lbs. - 25 percentile

She is still a great eater.  When she wakes she usually has about 10 oz within an hour.  The rest of the day she eats about every 1-2 hrs, still about 5 oz.  I'm thinking she may need more at each feeding or start introducing more solids.  Speaking of solids, she did try banana for the first time.  It was a week before her 6 month mark so I felt she was ready.  I plan to make most of her food however will stock up on some store bought pouches for on the go or if I'm behind making.  We'll see how that goes in next months post.  I may decide to scrap that idea and just buy.  

Here's some pictures...
She wasn't the biggest fan.

Here's a video too... 

Towards 6 PM this girl is a grump!  Sometimes I can get her to stay up until 6:30 PM but she still wakes about the same time.  So depending on her mood bedtime for her is 6-7 PM. She has been sleeping through the night still.  There have been a few nights she would wake at 1 AM or 3 AM ready to eat, but majority of the time she sleeps a solid 10-13 hrs a night.  Nap time on the other hand has been more challenging.  Sometimes she takes good naps but most of the time there only 30 minute too-short-of-naps.  I do try to lay her down at the first signs of tiredness otherwise she gets really worked up and has a hard time falling asleep on her own.  Hopefully I can get her on a better schedule.

We've heard her giggle before but not like this...

So cute!  Ever since I've been trying to get her to giggle like that again.  With no success.

She has also started spitting a lot and baby talks all the time!  I should have labeled this video baby scream!

She LOVES to be held and hasn't been a fan of laying down.  So I bought her this excersaucer from craigslist.  She likes it!  When I'm making dinner she goes in the kitchen to watch also when we go outside she'll just chill in this.  It has been a life saver.  I've learned not to put her in it if she's hungry or tired, otherwise, que the meltdown!

This has been her newest favorite position.
She hasn't yet started to put her feet in her mouth, but probably soon.

She has been drooling all the time!  The Easter bunny brought her some teethers but I also invested in this baltic amber necklace.  I've heard a lot of good things about it so thought I'd try it.  It's supposed to help reduce inflammation and drooling.  At night I wrap it around her ankle.  Hopefully during teething, this will help her be more comfortable and sleep better.  I just got it a few days ago so more of an update on this next month.
Her sisters are still smitten with her as we all are!  But no one can grab her attention the way her sisters can!  She loves watching them play.

Let's see how she's grown!  Month 4, month 5, month 6.
Look at those chunky thighs!  LOVE!

Even sitting she still likes to curl her feet/legs up.
And to make this post even longer...

Here's a picture of all three girls at 6 months.  In this order: Ava, Adisyn, and Reece.

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