Father's Day started with a date night at home.  We sent the kids to bed at 7:30 (the girls watched a movie with popcorn and treats, Reece slept) while we watched a movie with peace and quiet.  It was nice and we decided we need to do it more often.
The next day Shawn went to the gun/hunting store alone and had the night to himself while I took the girls to a birthday party.  On Sunday, Father's Day we I made Shawn breakfast in bed.  A first for him.

Complete with his favorite breakfast biscuits and gravy with iced coffee and some good reads. I think he enjoyed it and was in bed until 10 a.m.

We then headed to Shawn's parents' house for some swimming but not before a foot massage.

All the Dads

And of course I had to get the little's.  These were taken just seconds apart.  Reece has been doing this thing where she gets shy, I'm guessing, and puts her head down.  Its the cutest but breaks my heart at the same time.

Okay fine, I'll look up but I'm not happy about it.

They are just the sweetest and Reece is finally catching up to her cousin.

We sure do love our guy!  Happy Father's Day, babe!

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