11 months sure have flown by.

This girl has so much personality.  She is different in so many ways than her sisters were.
She is so sweet and loving.  She's a happy baby and also a busy baby.  She loves to get into EVERYTHING! She explores and seems to be in a hurry to grow up.

She now has eight teeth, two of which just barely poked through.

She crawls everywhere even up the stairs.  She stands pretty well on her own too.  It may only be for about 5 seconds or so but everyday she gets more brave and stands longer.  She still does her yoga poses and sometimes crawls with her feet and hands and does what I think is attempt to stand up.  She pulls herself up on anything or anyone she can.

She eats at the table most nights with all of us and usually eats whatever I'm eating as long as its not spicy or hard, obviously.  She enjoys everything I give her except eggs.  She hated them and immediately leaned over her seat to throw them to the floor for Abby.  She doesn't eat pureed baby food anymore.  She only has a bottle when she is going down for bed or nap and first thing in the morning.  For the most part she doesn't want her milk she wants whatever I'm eating.  I now have a little beggar again.  For most of the last month she has woken up once to eat but there have been a few nights that she doesn't wake up until 5 or so.

She yells and baby talks all the time and its the cutest.  She also has a high pitch squeal and loves to growl.  Told you, tons of personality.

She found Abby's food and water and wouldn't leave it alone so it needed to be moved.

She also found her door but hasn't attempted to crawl out yet, surprisingly.

Anytime the fridge is open she rushes over as quick as possible.

She figured out how to open the drawer underneath the stove.

We had to lower her crib too.
 Perfect height for something to chew on just like Ava.

She LOVES walks.  Sometimes I don't strap her in if we're running late.  Then she ends up like this.

I now have to make sure she has a clothes on for nap time after discovering this...
So glad I didn't find poop everywhere.

Trying to find a place to mount her camera has been difficult because everywhere I put it or hang it she knocks it down.  She's such a busy baby!!!!!

Happy 11 months my angel!

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