The weather had finally become tolerable for us AZ natives.  And it happened to be my birthday, so a camping trip was definitely in order.  We had been debating for a while where we wanted to go.  I came up with the not so great idea to head to Sedona.  While I love hiking in there, camping ummm not so much.  It was pretty, but I think we're so used to sleeping in the pines it felt strange.  Shawn's parents' bought an RV shortly before our trip so we invited them to come along.  We were lucky enough they got there before us and scoped out a spot.  Below was the view.

Once we were settled slept good, woke up, and had breakfast it was decided to go hike Devils Bridge.  After the research I did on the forest service website the hike seemed doable with three kids and three dogs. It was described to be a "moderate hike" (maybe for in shape people).  Towards the end it was SO steep there was no way the dogs could go and Reece in a carrier, not smart.  So the only ones that actually made it to the bridge was Shawn, Ava, and myself.

I couldn't keep the girls out of the dirt I just kept thinking we really don't have a shower when we leave here. Yikes.  They're kids and lived through it.  Anyway they couldn't get over how soft and silky the dirt was.  

Leaving most of the crew behind we made it to the top.  We handed my phone to a kind stranger to take our photo and were headed out on the bridge.  Which is not nearly as wide as I would have liked.  It was kind of creepy.  Ava was between Shawn and I.  I gripped her hand as tight as I could and we made our way to the middle hoping we weren't going to trip over a rock.  We got a few snap shots and it was time to get the hell out of there. I'm glad we did it!

Afterwards we had a much deserved lunch.  Pizza and beer!

And more beer... it was my birthday. :)

 We went on small walks, dreamed about our future, talks with our oldest daughters around the fire, s'mores, and simple quality time.

When mac n' cheese just isn't enough she resorts to her toe.

The last night we were there we headed to town for dinner and check our some of the shops.  We had the most amazing Mexican food and since have contemplated going back to Sedona just for their nachos.  Ugh!  So good!

We bought Ava and Adisyn their first dream catcher.  They are so in love with them!

We had such a great time.  We planned to stay until Friday and ended up leaving Wednesday.  The weather was taking a turn for the worse and so was our health.  I honestly tried to make the best of the trip and did a good job at it.  I was fairly miserable especially towards the end.  Reece ended up in the ER shortly after we got back.

I'll stick to the pines and leave Sedona and naked hippie campers (true story) to day hikes and showers afterwards in a hotel room.

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