3D Ultrasound


We would like to thanks our moms, Elizabeth and Connie, for coming with us to the ultrasound! We want our family and friends to be very involved with the pregnancy and our little girls' lives. This was a lot of fun! Unfortuneately, the pictures were not as we expected. Mommy's belly is very crowded and the babies are squished in there. We picked the best picture of each girl to post. The picture on top is Adisyn. As you can see, shes got her arms up in front of her face. She is a little bit cramped. Ava on the other hand, is stretched out with all her fingers comfortably placed in her mouth! The best thing out of the ultrasound was being able to see our babies again, and knowing that everything so far is going good! Lets all keep our fingers crossed it stays that way!

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