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Well...........As most of you know, Shannon was admitted into the hospital early Friday morning around 1am. When I got home from work Thursday night, Shannon wasn't feeling well. She looked at me and said I think we should go to the hospital just to be safe. Thank god she listened to her body! She was having small contractions and they started medications to stop them. The contractions were persistent and they had to switch to a stronger medication to help. Initially we went to Chandler Regional where we were hoping to deliver our baby girls, but they couldn't handle our situation. Their NICU takes babies 28 weeks and older, and we were right on the verge (27 weeks 6 days). Not only that, but their NICU was at full capacity. They took Shannon by ambulance to St. Joseph's in Phoenix. This way, at worse case scenario, if the babies had to come, they would be equipped to handle them. They have drawn her blood and have done a few tests. The latest test was of the amniotic fluid. They had to stick a needle about 6 inches long into her uterus and draw some of the fluid. They had it tested for infection and it came back ok. They moved us out of the high risk rooms and are monitoring her and the babies a lot less now, a very good sign. Right now, we are unsure of how long our stay will be, but there is a slight chance they will want to keep her here until the babies are born. The most important thing is to keep Shannon, Ava, and Adisyn healthy and happy. Please keep them in your thoughts and I'm sure everything will turn out ok!

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Dylan & Stacy said...

Thank you for posting! I have been worried sick and please just know how much I care about you both and those two little girls! Here's what's going to happen- they keep you in the hospital, grant you permission to come to your baby shower on the 5th, and then AFTER that you have the babies! Okay?!


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