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The doctor came to see us a few minutes ago and unveiled his plan for Shannon and the babies. Looks like our home for at least the next two weeks will be Phoenix. The doctor wants to keep her here to be able to closely monitor her and make sure that her uterus doesn't get infected. Because she is dialated, the chance of an infection is higher. Shannon is doing well and her temperature is gone. Thanks to everyone that has wished us well.


Anonymous said...

Better to be there just to keep the babies and Shannon healthy. Let us know if we can help in any way. Love you guys.
Connie and Bob

Bonnie said...

Hey, just ran across your blogspot and got caught up on what was happening. Thank goodness you guys went in and didn't ignore the signs. You're already such great parents! It won't be so bad staying in the hospital for two weeks, and it sounds like Shannon and the babies are going to be just fine. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. Keep posting!

Sarah Robbins said...

What a blessing you went to the hospital! Two weeks will really help your babies grow- although hopefully they get to stay a lot longer!


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