Toddler Beds


We had to face the facts that the girls are getting more daring and adventerous.  We I was freaked out that they would jump out of their cribs.  Being the frugal Mommy that I am, over priced beds were not an option.  I found a website online with free building plans I absolutely love this site!  All things considered we decided against that plan and go for something a little more simple.

Our trip started at the local HD.  According the website listed above the wood is Alaska is much cheaper.

The Frame

After sanding and filling with putty where needed

Finished product! 
Our first build together.  Overall I am pleased with how they turned out. 
Grand Total: Drumroll please... $80.00!  (for both)
 Boo Yah!

Since the girls have the capability to get off their bed, I have been finding them in interesting places.  Its very entertaining.  For the most part they have done a good job at staying in their own bed.  Couple of nights they have completely swapped beds and Shawn has witnessed them cuddling together, regretfully did not get a picture.  These girls never seem to surprise me!

Remi being the strange dog that he is was found here, on top of the girls laundry basket.  In requards to the last post on potty training.  I guess they aren't ready.  I am hoping within the next couple of months they will potty pros.  Until then we are trying our hardest to enjoy every minute of their youth.

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