Company picnic


Every year my work hosts a picnic for everyone to get together.  This year was a good turn out... about 100 of us.  The doctors were kind enough to rent a bounce house for the kids.  That is where we spent majority of our time.  The girls wanted so desperately to get inside but were a little intimidated by the bigger, louder, crazy kids inside.  Finally Adisyn found a friend and was brave enough to enter.  It was so cute to watch her bouncing.  All in all it is so great to see everyone and their families and it was a great time.  I love, love the people I work with! 

Get me out of here!!!

The friend Adisyn found.  After the excitement of the bounce house died down the kids were trickling out.  Adisyn was continueing to follow her friend around.

Later that night we had Kelly and Kenny came over to hang out.  We watched the Sundevils dreadful game, got chinese take out, then hung out by the fire and roasted marshmellows

Shawn's "perfect marshmellow"

fish eye setting

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