Running is something I really have never been that good at.  Well long distance runs I should specify.  Shawn and I have decided to start running together.  To help motivate us we may do some runs coming up possibly 12k's of Christmas or the Lost Dutchman.  I would like to live a more healthier lifestyle and this is a step in the right direction.  Yesterday was our first run... 1.53 miles.  Gotta start somewhere!  Not only will running help me reach goals I didn't think I could do but its really time to lose Lbs.!  As my girls are getting older I feel as a Mom that I need to set the best examples that I can.  I DO NOT want my girls to hear me express my frustrations about my appearance.  I want them to be confident!  Anyway... I am excited to start this journey with Shawn!  Even though I have to drag him out of the house for a run! Think I just need to motivate him for the next 3 weeks, then I'm hoping we will both be addicted! :)

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