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Since it was a long weekend and it's the holidays, all of Shawn's side of the fam (minus Stacy and Dylan) headed up North.  The weather was a little cold which was tolerable but the 25 mile hour winds was a little much for this desert rat to handle.  We did have some time to soak in the fresh out doors, but most of our time was spent inside by the fire.  Friday night Kelly and Kenny made the most delicious chili with corn bread.  Definitively hit the spot on a cold-ish evening.  For dessert Shawn and I made our Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie.  So Divine, but not a good as our warm apple pie.  Every year (this was our third) Shawn and I have made pies together.  And every year we change the recipe up a little.  It was amazing.  We did not have enough!

How cute!

Ava showing off her JOY Christmas panties

While we were there Santa came early!!!

Twin baby dolls

Ava is so tender with her babies.  She takes such good care of her. 

Pumpkin cheesecake pie with home made graham cracker crust which let me tell you makes such a big difference.  

Adisyn attempting the Sun Devil symbol


Decorating the tree

Apple Pie

On the road again...

We enjoyed the color of the trees in the midst of Pine.  It's the closest to fall we get.  Often times I wonder what it would be like to pack up the family and move to another state, even if only for a few years, just to experience something new.  Then I imagine my life without family and without this beautiful state and I quickly talk myself out of it.  

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