Way to go Ava!!


I am such a proud Mommy!  Ava has been doing so good with potty training!  Last week was the first time we were brave enough to let her wear panties out to dinner.  I kept reminding Ava about the potty and asking her if she needed to go.  Finally she said yes, so the three of us headed to the bathroom only to return 10 minutes later. 

Part of the conversation in the bathroom....
Mommy "Are you done yet?"
Ava "wait Mommy, wait! (as she held up her finger at me) LOL

I love experiencing all these new things with them as they are growing!  It is great!

Last night was the first night Ava went all night without a diaper!  When she woke up she went straight to the potty!  Adisyn on the other hand hasn't cared too much for the potty, lately.  Even though they are twins, they are different people and I would only expect them to progress at different levels.  We are perfectly okay with Adisyn not being ready yet. 

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