Joe's Farm Grill


Shawn and I decided to stop and check out Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert.  It's only about 2 miles from our new home!  Even though it was really crowded, it was worth it!!! Such good, fresh food!  Nearly everything they serve they grow right there on the farm.  We will certainly  be visiting again soon!
The weather was so gorgeous

Nearly all animals are welcome.  We saw lots of dogs and even these beautiful birds.

anxiously waiting for our burgers

Next to where we were sitting is a little coffee shop.  We will be checking that place out next!  Joe's Farm was featured on the Food Network and I now know why!  Uh-mazing food!  Worth the wait

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Dylan & Stacy said...

We have some friends that love that coffee shop. We've never been, but I hear it's good.


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