Last year the doctors I work for made a goal for us as a practice.  If we reached that goal we would all go to Disneyland.  Of course we are amazing and here we are...  The day started very early we arrived at the airport about 6:30am.  Unfortunately we had over an hour delay on the plane due to the catering carts not on the plane.  We all thought we were never going to get there.  Once we arrived in California we hopped on a bus that took us straight to Disneyland.  We all had such and amazing day.  We met at the bus again at the end of the day at 6 p.m. and then headed to the airport again.  I car pooled with a few people so by the time I got home it was almost 10 p.m.  Talk about a LONG day!  

My group started the day with a nice cold Tecate.

just a few of my Best work Friends

Standing in line forever was a little easier when we took a million pictures and goofed the entire time.  I'm sure everyone around us was so annoyed.  What can you do?  We were having a blast. 

My favorite ride Screamin' at California Adventures

Goofing off again

Marilyn drinking her Bud Light with a straw... She said it wasn't a good idea after all. 

My favorite all time ride at California Adventures: Screamin

My 2nd favorite ride...Tower of Terror.

We all had such a fabulous time!!!  I look forward to taking my kids there.

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