Warrior Dash


3.28 Miles... 12 obstacles...  We are WARRIORS!  with a medal to prove it! :)

I go through phases where I try to be a better runner.  So, when my Sister-In-Law told me about a groupon for the Warrior Dash I could not pass it up.  We all four jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad we did.  We all had fun, even Shawn.  He HATES running.

Shawn and I sporting our warrior pose

We enjoyed a nice cold beverage afterwards in our souvenir mugs.  Well deserved! 

Indulging in the food as well.  Nice turkey leg

Shawn and I both donated our shoes after the run.

Since I went with the intentions of donating my shoes, I unfortunately did not wear my good better ones.  I paid the price... at about mile 1.5 I felt a blister brewing on my right heal.  Each obstacle the pain got worse and worse.  At some point I decided to just run through the pain.  Likely slowed me down a little but nonetheless I'm just glad I didn't hurt myself more. I would post a picture of the blister but it is just too hideous.  Now, I am not hesitating buying some body glide, new running socks, and shoes.  My poor feet deserve them.  I am doing more runs starting the end of May so hopefully I will be more prepared.  

Our little warriors.  Thanks Tia for watching us!

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