Mingus '12


This past weekend was the annual Mingus camping trip.  We are very fortunate to be invited, its always a good time.  This year the group was much smaller than the previous two years we've gone.  It was so much fun to take the girls camping.  We hope to go several more times this year.  

Saturday morning Shawn made some delicious chorizo and eggs burritos.  

The chef

This little guy came with us into the bathroom.  Gotta love nature

one of the girls favorite things to do... clean.  check out our new tent in the background.
Worked awesome, we loved it!!!!

Tootsie POPS

nap time was a bit difficult.  The girls were not happy with the thought of being in the tent without Mommy or Daddy.  So, they got little cat naps throughout the day.  Next time we plan to bring a portable DVD player to keep them company.  

Adisyn making monster cookies. 

notice my husbands little to no hair... I did that by accident.. whoops guard issue

The infamous Mingus bar and grille.  Also where we hung out on Saturday night to escape the cold breeze.

notice the Halloween decorations... it was a Halloween theme this year.  

The girls decided hitting attempting to hit the flies with Shawn's belt was a good idea. 

Hang gliding drop off.  We HAVE to see this every year.  Its beautiful

Excited for next year!!

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