Because I can not get enough of them...


My girls are amazing me every single day with their spunky attitudes.  Prior to having kids of my own, I always heard horror stories of Terrible TWO'S.  Well, I completely disagree it's Terrible THREE'S!!!
Even though I can not get enough of these two girls of mine.  They have been more difficult than ever before.  Parenting is both the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever had, and ever will!  I have thought a lot about taking some parenting classes, however I can't help but to research online for free advice.  Can't beat free!  On a different note I think we have found a preschool for the girls at an affordable rate.  Ironically when I went to the facility to check it out I ran into a friend from H.S. It makes me so much better to know that when they are there they have someone with them that I personally know!  This week I'm working on getting lunch bags, sheets, and blankets for them to take to school everyday.  I am so excited for them but extremely NERVOUS too!  My little girls are growing up so fast!  TOO fast!

Lately when the girls get out of control I give them a wet mop or rag and they go to town cleaning.  It's a win-win.
I have not been able to keep Ava in her panties.  She likes to be free I guess.
 I couldn't get myself to post her bare booty so I added a cute little present. HeHe

Apparently they both needed to go potty at the same time.  Crazy Girlies

I love you TOO much girls!

My dancing angels.  True talent I tell you!

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