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This weekend was very productive!  We have been in our new home for about 2 months so we felt it was time to get some organization done or at least started, I don't know if I will ever be done!  The two big things accomplished was hanging our tv in the living room and starting the teak wood table I got for Mother's Day.

Both were very time consuming!!

Our T.V. mounting experience

Shawn and I went back and forth about what we were going to do with our entertainment area of the living room.  I'm happy to say we have come up with a fix (at least for now).  Our very first project was this amazing credenza.  It's by far my favorite piece of furniture in our home.  Anyway we wanted to show it off more so than it was in our last home.  What better way then the living room where we are a lot!!!  I am an organization obcessorer and I did not like the way our tv looked sitting on the credenza so we decided to mount it.  With just Shawn and I and one grouchy Ava, it turned out to be a long but rewarding project.  It wouldn't have been so bad but I'll be honest I am very out of shape and lifting that tv I could feel my veins about to pop out my neck!  HEAVY!!

Anyway here is the progression so far...

I still have a ways to go with it but pretty happy with the progress.  Thanks to my hubby for putting up with me this weekend and working his booty off!!

2nd project..

When we first got my table we thought we would just put a finish on it to bring it back to life.  After really looking at it that was not an option well if we wanted this table to last us awhile.   There were a lot of cracks and dog bites.  Even though we got this table for a screaming deal, it needs a lot of attention.



Being only 100 bucks deep into this project make me feel so much better about picking black boogers from my nose.  The things I love about this table which is the character it has was the same thing that made this table so difficult to sand.  I began to get really tired of sanding and didn't think I was ever going to finish this project.  Even in between the wood on the table was nearly impossible to sand.  since we were wanting a red(ish) stain instead of the dark stain that already on the table, we were trying to sand as much as possible.   Then out pure exhaustion and desperation (because I hardly have a creative bone in my body).  The areas we didn't sand completely ended up creating a more rustic look to it.  And we are in LOVE!!  

We have the six chairs left and protective coat over everything.  Can not wait to show off the finished product!

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