To be or not to be…


A vegetarian…

My curiosity began years ago when I was helping a patient at work.  He was a 70 something year old retired MD.  He looked so good for his age and his medical history was flawless on paper.  After talking to him for some time, he revealed to me that for most of his life he has been a vegetarian.  He believes that his diet is a reflection of his health. I happen to agree.

My sister-in-law Stacy has also sparked my curiosity most recently.  Just a few weeks ago I heard her say it was her responsibility to be a healthier person now that she a Mom.  That comment really made me think and wonder. 

I have done some research of my own and statistically vegetarians live about 8-13 years longer.  Shawn and I have always talked about wanting to watch our great grandkids at least be born.  Due to bad eating or eating meat being a consequence of so many diseases primarily cancer.  It’s a no brainer.


-I love meat… Love!

-I feel the best lifestyle of eating is moderation.  However in a perfect world meat would only be consumed by farm raised animals with less hormones and other dangerous and wasteful ingredients.  However, the downside of that is the expense.


-Live longer

-Feel better

-Lose some weight

-possibly less money at the grocery store.  I plan to have a full running garden in the spring. 


{I know there are many more reasons but to me these are the most important}


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Alicia Kruse said...

It's an interest of mine as well, or at least a movement in that direction even if I only partake once a week I think it would make a huge difference.
Also, just started reading your blog, come decorate my house!


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