Room for TWO


After we are done with the dreaded backyard the next task to check off the never ending list will be the girls room.  I want them to have an adorable room, just like them.  I also want them to have room that is only for sleep and relaxation… {3 yrs old… What is relaxation, right?}

I’ll elaborate. I yearn for their room to be place where they of course sleep, read, and watch movies. 


Their toys are kept downstairs in their playroom, which is where they will stay.  In the past we had issues with their toys being kept in their room.  After naptime or bedtime, it looked like a tornado went through, they even managed to remove all of their clothes from their dresser and somehow a knob was missing from it as well.  This was one of the moments when I had to walk and away and come back to handle the situation.  Ughhh.  Fortunately in our new home we have a designated space for them to put all their princess attire, dolls, and other toys.

Anyway back to the décor…

Thanks to google and pinterest I found some awesome ideas.


My girls insist on sleeping together, in the same bed.  They currently have a queen bed that they share, so this would be perfect.  I also the love the décor on the wall that way I don’t have to think of a headboard idea.  plus its super cute!


I love the idea of the wood trim with hooks and letters painted the same color. LOVE!

comfy chairs

It’s a must for them to have some comfy chairs for them to snuggle on and read.  I plan to get average sized chairs so they can easily grow into them.  As fast as they’re growing, it won’t be long. {frown face}

curtains for closet

My plan is to put shelving in their closet and forego the dresser.  Not necessarily like this photo.  I do however really like the idea of a curtain rod with cute curtains.  Reason 1. easy access to closet, it’s a pain to have to move the closet doors from one side to the other.  I found myself really only using one side.  Reason 2.  fingers won’t get smooshed.

shelf behind bed

If I incorporate a shelf behind the bed, then I’m thinking they won’t need night stands.  Love the DREAM letters and the mini lamp.  Also the pillows!


Color scheme.

Can’t wait to start!

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