Backyard Progression {part 2}


This past weekend we got a ton {no pun intended} a lot done.  It’s kind of funny how it came about.  We decided to get trees & bushes earlier in the week.  On Friday we decided to order rock.  Being only 1/2 mile away from our house we I couldn't grasp the 65 dollar delivery fee.  So, we got a trailer and loaded it to the ground, literally! 
Since the decision was on such a whim we didn't coordinate friendly helpers.  That’s right we did it all ourselves.  Phew! 
5 Tons, 10,000 lbs, average time 5 hours.  5 hours of exhausting, back breaking HARD work.  {we even got a job to install ceiling fans and plant three palm trees}  LOL one of our neighbors thought we were a landscaping company and thought she could hire us to do some work around her house.  Due to the enormous mountain of rock still to haul and blistered hands with the taste of salty sweat dripping in our mouths, we politely declined. 
We ended the weekend with some football, cold, beer and I took a nap!  Neither of us could fathom cooking dinner, even a PB&J was questionable work!  So, pizza it was.  The girls were in bed by 7 and Shawn was sawing wood by 8. 

Take a peek…
PicMonkey Collage
{more panoramic views to come, almost done}
Still To-Do:
  • Sod
  • garden
  • plants in pots
  • possibly citrus tree
  • rose bushes
  • outside décor {can’t wait}
  • seat cushions

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