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The weather this past weekend has been amazing.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it before it gets really hot.  The girls, mostly Adisyn were not feeling so well.  I got off work early to pick them up and headed home for every remedy I know.  They seem to be doing better just a runny nose and cough.  

We kicked off the weekend with some delicious breakfast.  My favorite place, right now, especially because it is almost one mile exactly from our driveway.  The Coffee Shop.  I wanted to try something new as I've heard everything on their menu is amazing.  But I was boring and stuck to my favorite dish there. 
 The San Diegan.    

After breakfast we walked over to The Farm At Agritopia farmers market and got some fresh citrus.  

Once we got home the girls and I went to the park.  I enjoyed a book that I'm reading while the girls played. It was perfect and think I will do it again, often!

Shawn made THE most amazing meal he has ever cooked before.  The recipe is a bit complicated but it was worth it!  Last weekend we went for a date night to Firebirds,  really good place.  I ordered a chicken pasta dish and it was so awesome we wanted to create it ourselves.  I did some research and found their exact recipe... Say what?!

The prep...

The sauce...

The final result!  Hands down the best home made dish I have ever had.  Whats best my hubby made it for me!

Sunday we went for frozen yogurt

We also managed to get a garden built and planted.  We are so excited to have a garden again... more on that later

To finish off this beautiful weekend, we went with some of our family to the zoo.  Glad we got there shortly after opening.  Way too crowded!    

...they have owies on their faces.  Just in case you're wondering about the band aids. 

I love weekends!!!!

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