Stretchy pants, no make up, and a little bit of snow


This weekend we decided to get up to Show Low for some R&R.  We have had so much going on and so much in the near future, this was the best time for us to visit.  
We had such a fabulous time.  Much needed.  

The Drive there...

We had a first on our way up.  The girls needed to go potty and could not wait.  So they went potty for the first time outdoors.  After sitting for a long while and Adisyn then stepping in Ava's pee,  we need some practice. 

Our entertainment...

Adisyn decided to draw glasses on herself.  They crack us up!

Playing in the snow

We made a stop at Moose Henri's for lunch on Saturday.  

Going Home...

Little creepy.

We made it back home in under three hour, driving the speed limit.  Being Super Bowl weekend there were not many travelers on the road.  We got back in plenty time to clean up and watch the Super Bowl.

Shawn has perfected his wing recipe, they are to die for.  Ah-Mazing!

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