Organized Obsession


Over the past year especially I have been a bit obsessive with organization.  I realized how happy it makes me.  To be honest I have always been somewhat organized although now I am on a whole new level.  I have found a passion for labeling which was never on my agenda before. In dismay of the Husby we have been working on quite a bit around the house.  Which makes my heart pitter patter.  

Command Center

This board I already had, it was brown and just too boring so I spruced it up with some spray paint.  

I used some address labels I had to organize each slot.

A little color goes a long way, right?

I do plan to have Husby make a corner shelf to put pens, scissors, and charging station for our cell phones. Pictures to come shortly.


We got this shoe cabinet from Ikea.  Its the perfect dimensions for this space and has been very useful and much easier on the eyes than our previous cabinet {which is now in our closet and will be redone, more on that later} If I can boast a little, I put this together myself with only a few obscenities.

The wall directly to the left as you enter was a great space for organizing purses, sweaters, hats, and whatever else.  I had my eye out for ideas for months and finally found the perfect plan on pinterest.  
Here's the before...   

Prior to paint...

The Final Result...

What you need:

  • nail gun {thanks to my FIL for loaning us yours}
  • wood, we used 1x3 for the vertical pieces, 1x6 for the horizontal pieces, and 1x2 for a small ledge on the top, perfect for propping pictures
  • wood filler {we used this not only for the nail coverage but also to make the wood and the wall smooth, with no separation}
  • paint

LOVE, LOVE this space, it has come in handy!

{if you want to get more organized as well, check out Jen's Blog}
Thanks to Jen, Cassie, and pinterest I am finding the organized obsession in me.  


and just for fun my first house plant is doing really well and beautiful.  

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