Ava and Adisyn


My babies aren't babies anymore.  This morning I took the girls to park to play and take advantage of the surprisingly nice weather.  I haven't taken many pictures of them lately so my camera came along with us.  

 Adisyn was in model mode

Ava... Not so much

I can not get enough of these girls.  Just before I took them to the park we got bathed and ready for the day.  I gave them a brush and asked them to brush their hair, next thing I know they are in the downstairs bathroom spraying air freshener in their hair and then brushing.  UGH... monkey see monkey do.  Not that I put air freshener in my hair but occasionally some hairspray.  They have turned into Mama's girls.  Maybe because they're getting older not quite sure.  They love to dress up and put make up on already!  Lately, they have been into drawing instead of coloring.  They are quite humorous and talented.  

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