Kitchen update


I don't have many before photos of our kitchen, at least that I can find right now, this one below will have to do.  Plus it has the cutest little girls in the world.  Anyway back to the kitchen.  Strangely enough we chose brown tones for our house once again.  I say strangely because we knew we wanted to avoid brown and somehow ended up with it.  Its a safe choice.  Shawn and I decided we were done with the brown and started slowly re-designing our home.  

We had talked about back splash for awhile.  We decided on classic white subway tile.  And we are loving it!  

This is what it looks like now... Heading in the right direction for sure.
We want to eventually paint the cabinets which scares the begezees out of me

We also painted our island with chalkboard paint.  The girls love it and even though its dark in color the kitchen has really lightened up a lot.  If you notice I got my bar stools that I wanted.  They look awesome!!  Also in the back is a glimpse of our dining room painted teal.  

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