Butterfly Wonderland


We got invited to experience Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale.  

The girls picked out the perfect shirt.  Hard to see in this picture but it has butterflies on it.  

if you look closely you can see what is in Adisyn's hand is a flip flop bottle opener aka her cell phone.  HaHa.

First we watched a short 3D movie all about how the butterfly comes to be and then into a monarch.  It was very interesting.  We learned Arizona is the second state with the most population of butterflies.  I forget what was first maybe Florida.  Also I learned a butterfly, not be mistaken for monarch,  only lives for 14 days.  I believe the monarch only lives 9 months.  I also didn't know that they migrate like birds, guess it makes sense but, they travel to Mexico for the warmth.
Since the movie was 3D it made it even more exciting and cool!  Kelly, Isaac, and Ava sat in front of Adisyn, Nana, and myself.  It was cool to be behind them it looked like the butterflies were flying into their heads.  Anyway I'm easily entertained. 

I sat next to Adisyn in the movie.  She leaned over about 5 minutes into it and whispered "Mom we forgot to get popcorn, I'm hungry"  LOL they crack me up!

cocoon display 

Then we headed into the conservatory.  They instructed us not to put our hand out and encourage the butterflies to land on you.  They eat with their feet, another thing I didn't know, and we have bacteria on our hands.  Even though we didn't encourage the butterflies to land on us they still did as you'll see below.  
Their wonderland was far from mine.  It was so humid.  Almost to the point its hard to enjoy it fully, but we still did.  The only time that amount of humidity should be allowed is with a beach view in Florida or Hawaii with a cold beer and the sunshine.  Now that's humidity I can handle.  Moving on...

This was my favorite 

poor Isaac had sweat in each and every little baby roll. 

After we had enough with the humidity we headed to the live ant colony displays.  They had some scary tarantellas too. The girls enjoyed the bee display as well.  Then we moved into what they call Rivers of the Amazon Aquatic Life.  We were allowed to put two fingers into the water and let the stingrays brush by us.  Ava actually had one touch her and she pulled her hand out of that water so fast.  We also saw all different fish and sharks.  It was an unexpected adventure.  

We all had such a great time.  Even though its a bit pricey for me.  I think everyone should experience it at least once.  

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