Summer wrap up


Okay now that the summer is officially over, I know this post is really late, I thought I should showcase some of the fun stuff we did.  Here is some of the stuff you didn't get to see...

 Tumbling class

The last class parents got to go in the class and the kids put on a show of everything they learned.  The girls are summer salt experts thanks to this class.  

Ava is so proud.  She knows how to put on a show

Adisyn waiting for her turn. 

balance beam.  Look at that point.  Think Ava is going to follow in Mommy's dancing footsteps.  We just need to get the falling over all the time under control :/

stamp of accomplishment.  Afterwards we took the girls for ice cream.  
I'm so proud of the little ladies they are becoming.

Another fashion show...

These girls are too cute!!!  They are getting better at these fashion shows.  Once the crowd starts to die down a little bit they always insist on walking the runway over and over.  

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