Sweet 16


Oh my sweet sister is 16!  How I love this girl!  Victoria is the kindest most loving person I know.  I hardly ever notice her angry, upset, or negative.  She is a ball of wonderfulness and I'm so happy I get to call her my sister.  Being we are 15 yrs apart I remember pretty much all of her childhood.  I remember changing her poopy diapers and taking her to daycare sometimes.  That was painful she did not like want me to leave she would cling to my leg in desperation I would change my mind and take her with me.  I remember her crawling and walking for the first time.  I remember those unforgettable rolls this girl had.  I am so proud of the young women she is becoming!  I look forward to many more memories of teaching her drive and going to college, getting married, and having kids of her own.  

I love this girls zest for life and undeniable love she has for her family.  

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