Dylan turns 35!


Stacy and Dylan hosted the party at their house.  They had mexican food, my favorite, it was delicious as always.  Dylan has his home brew as well.  The girls had fun playing with Sam, or getting pestered by him.  They were so cute to watch.  

Sam was wearing Shawn's shirt when he was his age.  We found some of Shawn's boots and brought them over for Sam.  I had put them in their office as he went by he spotted them and immediately took his shoes off to try these on.  So adorable!

Sam pushing Ava against her will. 

Sam pushing Adisyn into the pool fence and her saying "stop Sam"

Sam couldn't wait to have some cake

When we got home we got the girls out of the car and walked around to the sidewalk to find them like this.  silly girls. 

Despite this picture above the girls had some energy to burn so we took them to the park for little bit to play.

Happy Birthday Dylan!

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