1.  Makeup.


My girls are obsessed with makeup.  They really like to put some on Mommy too.

2.  Arizona weather.


Catching up on some Vitamin D.  In January! 

3.  Ava.


Ava.  I can not get enough of this girl.  The perfect way she smiles for the camera.  How protective she is of her sister.  Her contagious laugh.  She has the “big” sister personality.  I love how this girl will eat nearly everything you give her.  Her witty attitude and loving touch.  Lately, despite everything above, Ava has been very emotional.  Think its just a phase but I hope it doesn’t continue too much longer. 


4.  Adisyn.


Adisyn.  (what she picked to wear to the park the other day).  I love how much love this girl has for her family.  I love she’s all girl.  I love how smart she is.  I love her sassy attitude.  I love every time I ask for picture she must pose with her hand on her hip.  I love how well she has been listening lately.  I love that she wants to do everything I do.  I love how carefree she is.  I love how fast she can run. I love everything about her!  Adisyn reminds me of me. 


5.  Breakfast for dinner.

6.  Family time.


7.  Adisyn’s words.


8.  Ava’s tidiness.


we always see her putting her toys, or anything, in a pattern.  Usually a straight line.

9.  Playing with my girls.


10.  Home projects.


(I’ll post pics soon of what we did)

11.  Artichoke.  We made artichoke for the first time this week.  I really only had it one other time.  When its not mixed with yummy goodness in dip.  It was delicious.

12.  Girl time.

Saturday the girls and I went to visit Jodi and see her new place.  We did some shopping, snacking, and hanging out by the pool.  (she has a heated pool, jealous!)

13.  Art.


Going to replicate this with an old canvas I have.  photo credit.

14.  Kindergarten.


Thursday we went to the open house for the girls school.  We did a lot of research online so it wasn’t very informative but we did get to meet the principal, vice principal, and all the kindergarten teachers so that was nice.  To not bore the kids with their speal on why we should take our kids to their school.  The older kids at the school that were part of student council took them to play games and loosen up a little.  The girls were a little hesitant to leave so I walked with them to the door and told them they were fine and to have fun. They held each others hand and cautiously walked where all the other kids were going.  I noticed my eyes begin to swell with tears.  I have so many feelings about this.  Excited for them, nervous for them, happy, sad, don’t want them to grow up, love seeing them grow up.  Its quite frankly an emotional roller coaster.  August 4, 2014 I will be a wreck and probably stalking the school and their class.  Okay okay maybe that’s a bit extreme. 

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