Yes, yes its that time again to make new goals.  Again in no particular order.

1.  Family vacation.

2.  Vacation with just Shawn and I.  We have a few ideas already so I’m excited for this one.

3.  New place in AZ.

4.  Be involved as much as possible in our kids school.  Public school that is.  Yikes.

5.  Grow our business.

6.  Home Improvements.  Still lots more to do in this area.

7.  Pay more attention to mine and Shawn’s needs.  We have been guilty of neglecting ourselves.

8.  More camping, fishing, and hiking.

9.  I would like to do some volunteering this year.

10.  More date nights.

11.  Encourage the girls to do chores.  Not sure what kind of reward system, if any, we will have but they need to really start learning some responsibilities.

12.  More girls nights and guys nights (for Shawn obviously)

13.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

14.  Worry less, have lots of fun!

I have a feeling 2014 will be such a great year!

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