1. Mondays.


I love having Mondays off!  As kindergarten is quickly approaching I love this time with my girls more.  One of our Monday rituals is playing at the park. 

2.  Doctor.


3.  Movie time with the entire family.


4.  Coffee Table.


Our coffee table had definitely seen better days.  Between the girls putting stickers on it and Abby chewing the corner it was screaming for a new look.  I decided on white which makes it stand out so much more against the dark couch.  We knew a white top would not last long in this household so we wanted to paint the that part a different color. We went back and fourth with color options and decided with a stain.  Looking at all of Lowe’s options we went with a grey stain.  It turned out amazing!  Shawn sealed it with a polyurethane coat to protect it.  We LOVE it!



5.  Granddad Turns 80!


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Shawn’s Granddad tell stories.  It was a side of him that I haven’t really seen before.  He has always been so quite so it was refreshing to witness.  He did have some really great stories too. 

6.  Date Night.


Saturday night Shawn’s parents were kind enough to watch the girls for us so we can have some alone time.  We have wanted to try so many places but none of them are kid friendly.  We started our night at Arizona Wilderness Brewing.  We loved it and look forward to going back.  Then we headed to World Of Beer in Gilbert.  They had a live band and it was close to home.  Overall date night was a success!

7.  Victoria.  Love this picture of her.


My sister posted this picture after making it to the top of Camelback.  If you’ve ever climbed it before you know how difficult it is.  If you haven’t?   You should!

8.  Favorite SB commercial.

9.  Temple Tour.


Saturday we visited the LDS Temple in Gilbert before its dedicated.  It was beautiful and had so much detail.  I was surprised how old it looked even though its new.  I think it’s the color choices.  We don’t know too much about the religion so perhaps there is meaning behind the décor. 

10.  Super Bowl XLVIII.

So even though the Super Bowl was huge disappointment.  I didn’t have a preference who won we just wanted to see a great game.  We did enjoy some good grub though. 

The girls made their own pizza.  They seem to eat more or enjoy food more when they get to help make it.




We also made wings and Shawn and I made a white sauce pizza with tomatoes and basil.  I decided to make the whole wheat crust.  It turned out good. 


We printed off these for the girls to have some fun too!

11.  Chalkboard paint.


We have a large mirror that has been laying around for a few years.  Its kind of outdated think that’s why I haven’t found a home for it.  Well I’m thinking I want to paint it with chalkboard paint to look something like this.

12.  Countdown to Disneyland has started.  17 weeks!

13.  Mudshark Havablue.  Good beer I was just introduced to.

14.  Fossil Creek.


I decided where I want to go for my birthday #31. 

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