In early celebration of our anniversary and a day date we had a our own beer tour.  Places that are not kid friendly or just not as fun with them.  Our original plan was to go to the culinary festival in Scottsdale but the crowds, lines, drive, and expense wasn’t worth it to us.  Best decision we made.  We had a blast just the two of us!

We started our adventures at Desert Eagle Brewing in downtown Mesa.  A first for us.
I matched this place well with my camo skirt.  Seems the owner likes guns and anything to do with them. 
This was their tap set up.  Notice the bullet, grenade, and artillery shell.  Here’s a close up.
Here’s my flight.
Cool look!  The beers were good.  I’d go back!
Our next stop was the infamous Four Peaks Brewery.  Surprisingly Shawn has never been and I’ve only gone once years ago and didn’t even order a beer :/  We loved it!  We’ve had their beer a lot so our flight wasn’t a surprise tasting.  The place is huge!

My flight…
This was the view directly to my right.  Awesome seat at an awesome place. 
We started with spinach and artichoke.  It was the best we’ve had.
For our meal we decided to try the white pizza. 
Very good!  This place would be fun with a group of friends and family.  Bigger and more roomier than San Tan.

Finally on to our third and final stop.  Huss Brewing
This tasting room just opened about 6 months ago.  It was small, cozy, and in a strange location but it was very good.  We were the only ones there when we first arrived but it wasn’t long before people started trickling in some seemed to be regulars.  My personal favorite is the Scottsdale Blonde.  Really good beer.  We got a tour of the place.  Completely deceiving from the front how incredibly big the back is where all the brewing takes place.  They also have what they call Downward draft or “Detox to Retox”  every Sunday they have a yoga class in the back where they brew the beer then when you're done you get a dollar off a beer.  Get it Detox to Retox.  Awesome!  I'm thankful that others share my passion for detox and retox.  Its a balance right?  I’m thinking a girls morning is in the works. 
My flight.
They serve their flights with mason jars and chalkboard covered lazy susan.  This place has some originality and will definitely go back, hopefully, soon. 
It was a great day we had a blast!
Our souvenirs.

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