Our Easter festivities started with an egg hunt in our neighborhood.  We were surprised how many kids came.  Love living in such a young family neighborhood.  The girls had a blast and got the concept from past years to open the eggs at the end.

The eggs were just thrown around the lawns.  They had each area separated by age groups to make it more fair.  

The Easter Bunny made an appearance too.  The girls were not brave enough to take a picture with him but they did insist on taking a peek at what he looked like.

Saturday we dyed eggs.

The girls being the artists they are made chalk eggs.



Easter Morning.

The girls got a towel in their baskets along with some candy, coloring books, kite, and cards.

Second egg hunt in the backyard.

Ava found the golden egg this year.  She was so excited!

what was inside... one dollar bill!

Then it was time to head over to my Parents house.  There the girls had more egg hunts.  We enjoyed ham and other yummy foods.  And of course spent some much overdue time with Brock and Abbey.

 And the kids made rice krispie treats.

We then headed to the annual picnic at the park with Shawn's family.  The girls again had another egg hunt and enjoyed lots of playing on the trampoline and swing.  I apparently wasn't in the picture taking mood because I took none.

I love holidays when we can be together and enjoy each others company.

Happy Easter!

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