1.  This is so ADORABLE.  Her laugh is contagious!

2.  We went to the zoo on Saturday as my plan to hike The Natural Bridge did not go as planned.

Not long after we arrived it started raining and was a bit miserable.  Lets be real its Arizona.  It very rarely rains all day.  We hung out under a owning for a few minutes and then made our way to the Orangutans.  They kept us entertained for awhile.  Seemed the weather made them much more active than I've seen in the past.  Both Shawn and I agreed it was the best time we ever had at the zoo.  I think it was because the weather was amazing, once it stopped raining, plus we weren't in a hurry to go anywhere after and the company was great too.  It was the first time we took the girls without their stroller.  Ava got a back ride for a bit but otherwise they did fine.  We thought it would be good practice for Disneyland as they will not have their stroller there either.  I really don't want to deal with the hassle.   

3.  41 days until Disneyland.

4. First swim of the year.  For the exception of their plastic pool in the backyard. 

It was freezing!

5.  Shawn scored these lawn chairs for free!  They are a little faded from the sun and some spots of rust but with a few cans of Rustoleom spray paint they'll be like new again.

They are currently on our patio but I'm hoping to eventually transform our patio to something like this...  and move these chairs on the extended patio.

Belmont 4-Piece Brown Wicker Patio Thick Woven Conversation Furniture Set   Atlantis 3-Piece Patio Sectional Conversation Furniture Set    Kontiki Monte Carlo 7 Piece Sectional Sofa Set

6.  Ava's choice of attire to go to the store.

I recommended she leave the blow dryer in the car but she says "Mom I love it so much".

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