12 weeks


12 wks

Gender:  ?

Size of baby:  Large Plum

Cravings:  Spicy, salty, occasional sweets.  My favorite snack has been fritos with cottage cheese.  Snapple- I can not get enough of specifically kiwi strawberry.  Soda- I never buy soda.  I probably drink maybe one soda per year, if that.  So this has been strange for me.  This week I have ignored my cravings to an extent.  I want my pregnancy to be healthy (as possible, I am human) so there is no room for soda.  I’ve been craving fruit and salads which I love but won’t get too excited because it may change next week or tomorrow.  

Aversions:  Sweets.  I have heard from so many people say that each pregnancy is different.  Of course I had nothing to compare to until now.  These cravings and aversions have been like a roller coaster.  One day I like sweets the next I don’t.  I can’t keep up. When I was pregnant with the girls I just wanted sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

What I miss:  Running, oddly enough.  I didn’t run as consistent as I would have like to but usually once/week I got a run in here or there.  Now I feel like I have to be so careful to not provoke any pre term labor issues in the future.  I forgot to talk to my doctor about working out.  I am not going to run but I have been incorporating some light activity to prevent me from gaining too much weight.  Ideally I wanted to lose weight prior to getting pregnant but we had another path for us.  I’m not usually a crier though not opposed to it I just don’t cry very often.  Well,  I’m shameful to admit it but I cried seeing the cross walk lady.  She is just so good with the kids.  She’s so cheerful and happy and gives the kids high fives and hugs.  She is also very protective and is not afraid to blow her whistle LOUD if needed.  She’s just great and I enjoy seeing people like her around my kids. 

What I love:  I am loving how much easier this pregnancy has been.  How adorable our girls have been.  When we went to the baseball game.  Adisyn told me “mom all three of your babies are going to the game today”  Talk about melting my heart.  We went grocery shopping the other day and one of them asked if I wanted any wine.  I explained that its not good for the baby.  I was missing the taste of beer (guess that should have been further on the list but oh well) so I was drinking an odouls and Ava said “Mom!  You are not supposed to be drinking”  Too cute! 

Thoughts:  Continued from what I love.  This pregnancy has been night and day difference from having two babies.  Thank Goodness!!  Now that I am approaching my second trimester I have had more energy and don’t feel the need for a 5 hour nap in the middle of the day.  I have been having some difficulties getting comfortable at night while sleeping.  I might invest in a pregnancy pillow but haven’t decided.  Three more weeks until we find out the gender!  So excited.  Of course we would love to have a boy however as cliché as it is we truly want a healthy baby and dream about leaving from the hospital with our healthy baby.  That would just mean the world to us. 

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