Can you believe it?!  The girls have successfully finished Kindergarten.  They both love school.  Adisyn is more into the social aspect although she does like to learn.  Ava has often brought home extra homework.  Adisyn said she wants to be a veterinarian and Ava wants to be a teacher.  It will be interesting to keep track of this every year as I imagine it will change a lot.  Adisyn’s desk has been right next to her teacher’s most of the year.  Apparently she asks a lot of questions and has a hard time staying on task.  We are so proud of these two!

The girls had an early release on the last day of school.  So the day before was their Kindergarten graduation.

Ava received an award.  She was shy of course and quickly ran back to her spot as to not have any attention.  Her and I have that in common.
Despite kicking a boy in the privates the day before receiving this award Ava has been a great student.  Well deserved!

So so proud of you Girls!  Time to enjoy the summer break.

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