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We couldn't wait to know the gender of our baby.  We had the option of waiting until our 20 week anatomy ultrasound but with so much anticipation we scheduled first appointment possible.  Only the girls came along with me for this ultrasound.  We didn't want to know the gender in the office with a complete stranger, although she's great.  We wanted to find out with the four of us in a more intimate setting.  I'm glad we did!  I had printed off boy and girl inside an envelope and asked her to put whatever we were having inside along with her picture.  First we looked at all her features.  She's healthy as can be so far, what a relief.  We both had a chuckle when we saw her middle finger was very present resting on her head.   Her heart beat is very healthy and she has two legs and two arms.  I think she has 10 toes and 10 fingers, I hope, but soon enough we will find out.  We made a quick video to capture our reactions.  We were a bit disappointed as we both were hoping for a boy, shh... don't tell her that.  We are so happy to have another extension of us boy or girl.  Ava and Adisyn are just the best and to have another one like them makes my heart happy.  Shawn and I always said having a boy would not complete our family and that hasn't changed.  She is so loved already!  Now to start planning her nursery and a name.

here's a quick fun video I made.

It's A... from Shannon DeLeon on Vimeo.

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