Gender:  Girl

Size of Baby:  Avocado

Cravings:  I'm still enjoying salads and fruit.  I caved and had chocolate donuts the other day.  They really hit the spot but I haven't really had the desire since.  Pizza bites were sounding very tasty but have settled for other things.

Aversions:  sweets still.  Which for me is probably a good thing.

What I miss:  Being able to wear most of my clothing.  Merlot.

What I love:  I just started to feel little flutters.  Nothing too major yet but will be coming very soon.  The girls are really excited to have a sister.  I'm sure they will teach her the ropes and I hope they are all very close.

Thoughts:  This week was the start of my P17 or Progesterone shots (medication that helps prevent preterm labor).  I will continue getting shots until the end of October after that when she's ready she will come until 39 weeks.  I was more nervous about the side effects than anything.  My nurse is great and very good at injections, Thank You!  She plans to come to my house every week to administer the shot.  The most common side effect is soreness at the injection site.  Its sore but really nothing to complain about. Hopefully this feeling continues.  I of course googled side effects which was mostly migraines among many other dreadful symptoms.  I have yet to experience any, crossing my fingers.

**The above was written before we made a visit to the ER this past weekend.  I had a bit of a scare and we headed to the ER as recommended by my OB.  They ran several tests and listened to baby girls heartbeat.  Everything was okay.  Thank Goodness!  My symptom may have been from change of hormones from the progesterone shot.  Either way we are so thankful she is healthy.  I was a complete emotional wreck from being traumatized with my last pregnancy and the care or lack of I previously received but I had a much better experience at Gateway.  So happy to be delivering there!

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