Gender:  Baby Girl

Size of Baby:  Sweet potato -5.5 inches approx.

Cravings:  I haven't really had many cravings lately.  I have really enjoyed all kinds of fruits.
Every now and then I do have more sweets than before but nothing like with my twins.

Aversions:  I have never been a fan of smokey flavor.  Shawn made ribs recently and hardly used any wood chips.  The smell was overwhelming and grossed me out big time.  I would rather not eat than smell/eat something smoked.

What I Miss:  Laying on my stomach.  I didn't sleep on my stomach or lay much on my stomach but every now and then I would just to stretch my back.  That is definitely not an option now.

What I Love:  I have felt her moving a lot more and it makes my day.  Shawn has even felt her twice.  What an amazing thing to experience.  I am so lucky!  So far things have been going very well.  I've been taking it easy if efforts to keep my baby girl in for as long as possible.  I haven't had any issues since our ER visit and the shots don't seem to phase me at all.  November can not come soon enough.  I can't wait to meet her until then I'm soaking up as much time as possible with Ava and Adisyn.

Thoughts:  We have been thinking hard about names.  So far the top name is Reece Taylor but not 100% sure yet.  I wanted to name one of our twins Reece but Shawn did not like the name.  Since he has warmed up to it.  Yah!  I've decided what to do with her nursery.  Colors will be light mint, coral, and grey.  Think rustic/chic, perfect for a princess.  Can't wait to start!

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