This year was pretty simple at Shawn's request.  I made huevos rancheros, a first for me, it turned out really good although next time I plan to tweak the recipe a bit.  We hung out at home most of the day watching any hunting show our favorite Dad desired.  Then we headed to Shawn's parents' house to spend some time with the other awesome Dads in our lives.  It was a great day celebrating some pretty great people.

Everyday I'm overwhelmed with how lucky we are to have Shawn.  To the Dad who is so patient helping with homework.  To the Dad that plays barbies even after a long day of work.  To the Dad that teaches kindness, love, and hard work.  To the Dad that puts his girls first, always!  To the Dad that comforts when needed.  To the Dad that tickles like no one else.  To the Dad that isn't happy unless his family is.  To the Dad that is my better half.  To the Dad who is the first man his daughters will ever love.  All three of your babies love you more than you will ever know.  Thank you for being the best Dad in the world.

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