We again headed up north this year.  The weather could not have been better.  We spent more time outside than inside.  We got some good rain here and there and cuddled with blankets and sweaters.  The kids enjoyed playing in the dirt, finding bugs, playing in the rain and pretending to be a server at a restaurant.

We took the girls to Show Low park for them to burn some energy.  Of course they loved it.  Shawn and I lounged in the grass under a huge tree watching them have fun. 

With the fire restrictions lifted we enjoyed the fire outside and naturally made s'mores.  Ava made her own version of two pieces of  chocolate with a graham cracker inside.  Adisyn made her own version as well with chocolate and marshmallow between. Pure genius!

The next day was The 4th of July.  Something about the small town feel really brings a smile to my face.  We again made it to the parade.  The weather was awesome.  We got a few sprinkles which didn't last long.  This year they were asked to not pass out candy to prevent the kids from running in the street.  Boring!  The candy is the best part for the kids which makes it the best part for us.  A few rebelled by handing out treats so it was a success.

Later in the evening we decided to take the girls to Show Low Freedomfest.  Shawn and I went about 7 years ago and it was the best firework show ever.  It was the best time and the perfect way to end one of my favorite holidays.  We arrived a little early so we let the girls play on the bounce houses, danced to the several bands that played and indulged with kettle corn and cotton candy, can't believe how fast they devoured it, and finally snuggling up watching the best firework show.

We were pleasantly surprised the rain held off.  The girls sat on our laps and I could feel baby Reece kicking.  It was a priceless moment and the perfect evening.

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